Arctic Chill Hard Seltzer: Crafted with Polar Seltzer

5% alc/vol
Low Carb
Naturally Gluten-Free

The Sparkle Sets us Apart

Arctic Chill is the hard seltzer for people who genuinely love seltzer. All Arctic Chill recipes feature Polar Seltzer as the key ingredient.

The Dangerously Refreshing Taste of Real Seltzer

The same proprietary carbonation style and natural fruit flavors and essences that Polar has been perfecting for generations make Arctic Chill as bubbly, light, and flavorful as possible!

5% alc/vol
0g sugar
Naturally gluten-free
Natural fruit flavors and essences
No artificial sweeteners
Polar Seltzer's signature carbonation

Like Variety? Us Too!

Arctic Chill is available in eight refreshing styles –

all of them featuring Polar Seltzer’s signature fruit flavors.

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Arctic Chill is available in 25 states, and counting. Check out our product finder to see where we are!

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See What the Buzz is About!

"No hard seltzers taste as close to the booze-free original as Arctic Chill."

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"This really tastes like it could just be another Polar can — because it’s made with Polar Seltzer!"

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"Most carbonated hard seltzers aren't actually made from seltzer. Arctic Chill is."

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"Arctic Chill's spiked seltzers come in several flavors in two different variety packs."

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"Bright and sweet wafts of red grapefruit instantly draw you in to this hard seltzer. "

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"The 50 Best Hard Seltzers to Drink This Summer - Ginger Lime is #1, Raspberry Lime is #9!"

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"Arctic Chill is made with real seltzer - you can taste the difference in this drink's understated, soft taste."

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"If you were a seltzer fan before hard seltzers were a thing, then Arctic Chill may be for you."

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