Body Positivity Campaign

Partnership with Ashley Wagner and the Movemeant Foundation

A portion of proceeds from all Arctic Chill sales this summer will be donated to the Movemeant Foundation

Summer is here, and with it, the annual pressure to have a “summer bod.” We want to shift the conversation away from the pressure and toward a place of positivity. According to a national survey we commissioned:

  • 23% of Americans have negative feelings towards their body
  • 50% of Americans compare themselves to others at least once a month
  • 53% of Americans say that happiness is directly correlated to feeling comfortable in their body

Arctic Chill was made to be a beverage you could feel good about drinking, and we want to help our fans maintain a sense of balance that doesn’t sacrifice fun or flavor.

As an athlete performing at the elite level for more than a decade and a vocal advocate for body positivity, Ashley Wagner understands more than anyone how outside voices, and our own internal monologue, can impact the way we feel about ourselves and our body.

To bring greater awareness to this issue, Ashley is partnering with us to help raise funds for the Movemeant Foundation, a national charity that works to make fitness accessible, fun and empowering, while shifting the conversation away from weight loss and typical beauty ideals to one of body positivity.

A portion of all proceeds from all Arctic Chill sales May through August will be donated to Movemeant’s grant programs. With the goal of making fitness more accessible for everyone, the Foundation’s grants are offered to females, women of color entrepreneurs, and organizations committed to making health and wellness inclusive to female BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities.

Partnering with Ashley Wagner to support the Movemeant Foundation allows us to make a real impact, and we are proud to be supporting their mission of promoting body positivity and inclusion through wellness.


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